Hurricane Dorian is coming, are you prepared? You still are on time to prepare

For all Florida residents and surrounding cities, we want you to stay safe. 

Supplies are very important during this natural disaster, but we understand that your medical equipment is very valuable as well. Every effort should be made to protect yourselves and your assets. 

We will share with you our tips on how to take care of your clinic and medical equipment during this hurricane. 

Even though you are insured or not, you should be doing everything that you can to protect your goods.  You want to be fully capable to work after this natural disaster happens. 

Here are our top 7 advice to take care of your medical equipment: 

1. Unplug all your electric medical equipment

Includes but not limited to EKGs, Ultrasounds, Power Tables, Patient Monitors and more.

By unplugging your medical equipment you avoid any circuits between your medical equipment and the power connection. 

This would protect the motherboard of your systems, and still have them patient ready after the hurricane.

2. Raise and move your medical equipment at least three feet off the ground to protect it from floodwaters.

For small medical equipment, you can place them above a table, make sure they are well-positioned, so they don’t fall.

For heavy products, as medical beds and ultrasounds, you could use a wood pallet.

You can find wood pallets in Home Depot.

Make sure that all power cables are lifted as well.

3. Cover all medical equipment with waterproof covers

Flooding happens, but also roof leaking.

Make sure that wherever your medical equipment is, you have it covered with a waterproof cover.

This will avoid your products don’t get in contact with water at all.

Covers can be found in Home Depot and Walmart.

4. Don’t forget about important files and patient documentation.

Make sure that all-important files are protected inside a box and covered. You certainly cannot recover a document once is very wet.

If you have file cabinets, make sure that the documents that are not in the last cabinet, if you can move them to the cabinet on top, do so.

Do a whole cloud backup of your documents, you always have to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

5. Shut off the power to the clinic at the breaker box

Everything should be turned off. Even your power generator, this can avoid small circuits to fire generation.

6. Place sandbags in the entrance of your clinic.

To avoid water entering to your clinic, place sandbags in every door.

You can apply this technique in every facility you have, including your house.

7. Be ready to return and have your contacts ready.

After the hurricane is long gone, you will have to be prepared to start working.

Some of your medical equipment might be compromised during the storm, so make sure you have the right contacts to help you out so you can be up and running as soon as possible.


For medical equipment repairs, you can contact us,  Zona Med Equipment at (954)909-2968 or directly enter our website and issue a service request online.

Zona Med Equipment has a team of medical equipment experts that can help you out repairing and replacing medical equipment.  

Those are our top 7 advice for this Dorian Hurricane, please be very safe. And count on us for any medical equipment you might need. If you have more questions about how to stay safe, contact us. 

Let’s prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

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