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Medical Equipment Repairs

Zona Med Equipment can perform any service or repair your medical equipment needs. We offer yearly equipment inspection, calibrations, preventive maintenance, full repair with warranty, and refurbishing of actual equipment. We also provide replacement of accessories and supplies for the use of your equipment.

Sterilizer-Autoclave Maintenance

This Service/Preventive Maintenance should be performed once a year.

  • Full system cleaning (water reservoir, chamber,
    instrument trays, all water lines and valves)

  • Replacement of the door Gasket, water line
    filters, air below

  • Temperature and Pressure Calibration
    Run and test to meet Sterilization guide lines


Medical Equipment Maintenance

Extend the life of your equipment, our certified staff is here to help you. You take care of your patient, we take care of your equipment.

Zona Med Equipment offers different plans based on your needs. Contract, No-Contract or your own customized contract.


Calibration Service

We minimize the risks or uncertainties by offering a regular calibration. Remember to perform the annual calibration of your medical devices to evaluate and adjust the accuracy of your medical equipment.

Zona Med Equipment offers medical calibration services to help doctor offices minimize any error with a medical device that puts patient safety at risk leading to misdiagnosis, faulty readings, etc.


Refurbished and Reupholster

We offer a wide selection of new, used, and refurbished medical exam tables at competitive prices. Our entire selection of exam tables is thoroughly tested and certified to ensure high-quality and durability. Zona Med Equipment provides excellent refurbished exam room equipment with new reupholstery at an affordable price.


Sell and Trade Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

Need new equipment but you don’t know what to do with the medical equipment you are going to replace? At Zona Med Equipment, we buy new and used medical equipment. We also accept medical equipment as trade in of our new medical equipment. Send us over your products and prices.


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  • Installations

  • Maintenance

  • Equipment Improvement Consultations

  • Sell Your Medical Equipment

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